National Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 29th has been designated as National Vietnam War Veterans Day by the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017. In a continuing effort to demonstrate HCSC support for all veterans and their family members, HCSC Veterans Program Coordinator Danny Pierce, SW Elysa Sexton and Chaplain Mike Driggers recognized Vietnam Veteran William “Bill” Gabali with a special pinning service at his home.

Laurelie, Bill’s wife, began services with HCSC in November of 2017. Bill completed over two tours in Vietnam between 1968 and 1972, in both the Army and Navy. While in the Army, Bill served on river boats patrolling the rivers of South Vietnam. After completing his time in the Army, Bill enlisted in the Navy and served on several ships including the USS Perry, USS Yorktown and USS Midway. During his time in Vietnam, Bill was awarded the Bronze Star. He is now the primary care giver for his wife and serves her as faithfully as he served his country.